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What Are The Top Courses For Software Testing

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What Are The Top Courses For Software Testing

In this blog you will learn about some software testing courses that will help you become a successful QA engineer. Get the skills and knowledge you need to start your career in software testing with our top-rated software testing course. Learn core principles, test automation techniques, and more with industry-

Manual testing course

If you are a beginner or want to improve your functional manual testing skills, the following courses are worth checking out.

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Quality Assurance Training –

It is a very comprehensive course designed to help individuals master all types of tests. This course uses tools like QTP, HP UFT training and Load Runner, and includes details on manual testing and automated testing. The course also covers web service testing, mobile app testing, ETL and data warehouse testing using Soap UI and other tools. It also includes live project tests for various sectors such as banking, healthcare, and telecom. Overall, an excellent course designed to help you understand the different types of tests through clear and easy-to-read material. 

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Manual QA Software Testing – 

This course is primarily intended for beginners. Although short in duration, it covers all topics related to software testing. Concepts are clearly explained in this course, and after completing the course, you will understand the basics of QA, how and when to start testing, and different types of testing. You can also get an overview of Agile processes, test cases, test plans and bugs. Also included is a live functional test and some frequently asked interview questions.

Automated testing course

Selenium Webdriver with Java –

If you're looking for automation testing training with Selenium, this is definitely one course to consider. This course is structured to include all the details a tester needs to learn Selenium from scratch. Anyone can take this course, no programming knowledge is required. It covers topics such as Selenium Java basics, installation details, Selenium configuration, automation techniques, and real-time exercises. It also covers challenges you may face, integration with third-party tools such as TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, ANT, Git, POM, Grid, and some common Selenium interview questions. A very important differentiator of this course is the latest market trends which have been taken into account when designing this course. This includes training on multiple frameworks, including the latest Selenium and Java Basics updates. 

Selenium 3.0 Certification Training - 

Selenium training is really helpful for the student to gain more knowledge about the Selenium 3.0 suite. This course comes up with direct sessions on automating web-based applications and how they work. The course also provides the knowledge of multiple structure applications such as Selenium Architecture, Selenium WebDriver 3.0, Waits, TestNG, Jenkins and Sikuli. This course needs basic knowledge of Java Core. Courses are taught by experienced trainers and explain in an understanding way.

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