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Top 10 Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

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Top 10 Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

If you are preparing for a software testing interview? Get ready with our top 10 software testing interview questions and answers. Learn the basics of software testing, find out what employers are looking for.

1. What does software testing mean?

Software testing is the process used to evaluate the effectiveness, correctness, and usability of software programs. Therefore, software testing involves running a system or program to check for bugs or other defects. The purpose is to ensure that the code meets the customer's individual needs, expectations and requirements.

2. Describe different types of software testing.

  1. Unit testing

Unit testing focuses on the most fundamental building blocks of software design. Programmers often accomplish this task by taking sample inputs and observing the corresponding outputs. Test either a single unit or a collection of related items.

  1. Integration testing

Integration tests are used to validate a set of elements put together. Verifies whether the system meets predefined functional requirements. There are four types of integration tests. Top Down, Bottom Up, Sandwich, Big Bang and i-Spy are just a few examples. 

  1. Regression testing

Changes to the program occur each time a new module is added. Regression testing ensures that each element works effectively after the update.

  1. Performance testing

Performance testing examines the performance of software when used in the context of integrated systems. Used to evaluate program efficiency and speed. Also called a stress test because it examines the system's performance under a specified load.

  1.  Acceptance testing

 Acceptance testing confirms that a product meets its goals and helps end-users to achieve desired results.

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3. List the key challenges in software testing.

  • Some of the major issues in software testing are listed below.

  • Unable to understand the contents of the application due to lack of standard documents. 

  • Lack of test personnel. 

  • Communicating with customers about application requirements requires good listening and understanding from testers.

  • Decide when to stop testing and make an informed decision about it.

  • Aptitude for time-sensitive tasks may not be easy to communicate. 

  • Prioritizing which tests to run first requires expertise. 

  • An optimal number of test cases is used to test the entire application.

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4. Describe black box, white box, and gray box testing techniques.

Black box testing

Black-box testing verifies software functionality without examining the back-end mechanisms that support its operation. It applies broadly to almost every layer of software testing methodology.

White box testing

White-box testing considers the inner workings of a program when evaluating its functionality. It is used in unit and integration tests.

Gray box testing

Combining black-box and white-box testing techniques results in the process of gray-box testing. This applies during the software testing process. Using this strategy, you can evaluate a software program or application while understanding only part of its underlying mechanics.

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5. What is a test plan and what does it contain?

A successful project requires a test plan document that details the software testing scope and activities. In essence, a test plan is an ongoing document that is monitored and controlled by a test manager. It basically serves as a blueprint outlining the who, what, when, how, and other details of the entire testing process.

Your test plan should include the following information:

  • Reason for testing 

  • Test strategy 

  • Test object 

  • Resource planning 

  • Test range

  • Test results

  • Criteria for resignation/suspension

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6. Explain test scripts, test scenarios, and test cases in software testing.

Test scenario

A test scenario typically consists of multiple cases covering the functionality of a software application. It provides an overview of the required tests.  

Test cases

As part of the software development process, you run a series of steps called test cases to validate specific functionality. A test case contains test steps, data, preconditions, and postconditions to validate a specific requirement.

Test script

This is a set of instructions to follow to ensure that the system under test is working as expected. This document describes each action and the expected result.

7. What is test coverage?

The quality metric used to measure the amount of tests executed is known as test coverage (percentage). It also adds missing test cases. Both non-functional and functional tests should consider test coverage.

8. What do you mean by verification and validation in software testing?

Verification is the method used in software testing to ensure that the product has been developed according to requirements and using accepted development practices. The process includes the following actions:

  • test

  • review

  • passage

  • demo

Verification is a technique used to ensure that a product under development is error-free and functions as intended. This includes the following activities:

  • functional testing

  • non-functional testing

9. What is static testing? When does it begin and what does it involve?

Static testing is a white-box technique that instructs developers to check their code against a checklist to identify problems. Developers can start static testing without completing the application or program. Static tests cover more ground in less time than dynamic tests, making them more cost-effective.

10. Can you do system testing at each stage?

System tests will not start until all modules are installed and working properly. However, it should be done before UAT (User Acceptance Testing).

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