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Java Selenium Automation Training in Bangalore

  • Manual testing is that the process of manually testing software for defects.
  • It requires a tester to play the role of an user and use most of all features of the appliance to make sure correct behavior.
  • To ensure completeness of testing, the tester often follows a written test plan that leads them through a group of important test cases.
  • Testing are often through black-, white- or grey-box testing.
  • In black-box testing the software is run to see for the defects and is a smaller amount concerned with how the processing of the input is completed. Black-box testers don't have access to the text file .
  • In white-box testing the tester cares with the execution of the statements through the text file.
  • Grey-box testing cares with running the software while having an understanding of the text file and algorithms.
  • Static and dynamic testing approach can also be used.
  • Static testing includes verifying requirements, syntax of code and the other activities that don't include actually running the code of the program.
  • Java Selenium Automation Training Bangalore are often further divided into functional and non-functional testing.
  • In functional testing the tester would check the calculations, any link on the page, or the other field which on given input, output could also be expected.
  • Non-functional testing includes testing performance, compatibility and fitness of the system under test, its security and usefulness among other things.
  • There are several stages. They are:
    • Unit Testing :
    • This initial stage in testing normally carried out by the developer who wrote the code and sometimes by a peer using the white box testing technique.

    • Integration Testing:
    • This stage is carried out in two modes, as a complete package or as an increment to the earlier package. Most of the time black box testing technique is used. However, sometimes a combination of Black and White box testing is also used in this stage.

    • System Testing:
    • In this stage the software is tested from all possible dimensions for all intended purposes and platforms. In this stage Black box testing technique is normally used.

    • User Acceptance Testing:
    • This testing stage carried out in order to get customer sign-off of finished product. A 'pass' in this stage also ensures that the customer has accepted the software and is ready for their use.

    • Release or Deployment Testing:
    • Onsite team will go to customer site to install the system in customer configured environment and will check for the following points:

      1. Whether SetUp.exe is running or not.
      2. There are easy screens during installation
      3. How much space is occupied by system on HDD
      4. Is the system completely uninstalled when opted to uninstall from the system.

Java Selenium training in Bangalore FAQ

Q: What is Java Selenium training in Bangalore?

A: Java Selenium training in Bangalore refers to a program that focuses on teaching Selenium automation testing using the Java programming language. It covers the usage of Selenium WebDriver, test automation frameworks, and various testing techniques using Java.

Q: What topics are covered in the Java Selenium training in Bangalore at KRN Informatix?

A: The Java Selenium training in Bangalore at KRN Informatix covers a range of topics. It includes Java programming fundamentals, Selenium WebDriver, handling web elements, test automation frameworks like TestNG, Maven, and JUnit, data-driven testing, page object model (POM), and advanced Selenium concepts.

Q: What is the duration of the Java Selenium training in Bangalore at KRN Informatix?

A: The duration of the Java Selenium training in Bangalore at KRN Informatix may vary depending on the specific batch and schedule. Typically, the course duration can range from 6 to 8 weeks, with classes conducted on weekdays or weekends.

Q: Do I need any prior knowledge of Java programming for the Java Selenium training in Bangalore?

A: Basic knowledge of Java programming is recommended for the Java Selenium training in Bangalore at KRN Informatix. While the training covers Java concepts required for Selenium automation, having a foundational understanding of Java will help you grasp the Selenium concepts more effectively.

Q: Is the Java Selenium training in Bangalore at KRN Informatix hands-on?

A: Yes, the Java Selenium training in Bangalore at KRN Informatix includes hands-on exercises and practical sessions. You will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, develop automated tests using Java and Selenium, and gain practical experience in Selenium test automation.

Q: Does KRN Informatix provide placement assistance for the Java Selenium training in Bangalore?

A: Yes, KRN Informatix provides placement assistance to its students who successfully complete the Java Selenium training in Bangalore. They offer support in resume building, interview preparation, and connect students with job opportunities in the industry. However, job placement ultimately depends on individual skills and performance in interviews.