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Mobile Testing training in Bangalore

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Mobile Testing training in Bangalore

Mobile Testing/Wireless (5G/4G/3G/2G) Testing/Application Testing in Bangalore – Classroom & Live Online

KRN Informatix is a leading mobile / wireless technology training institute in Bangalore and offers revolutionary training and learning standards and experiences with best industry professionals. Our best standard of education and training (5G/4G/3G mobile testing / wireless testing/Quality assurance) is delivered by a team of highly experienced real time professionals from the best semiconductor organizations and wireless R&D institutions.


We offer training courses/modules on 5G/4G/3G/2G technologies which covers Mobile Application testing, Mobile protocol Testing, mobile Functional testing, Mobile Feature testing, Carrier Approval tests, Operator Inter-operability tests, VAS testing, Field trials and mobile operator related test activities and QA process. The programs are designed as per the requirement by students, job seekers and corporate professionals. We offer customized courses as per the request and requirements which suits to current industry requirements. We also offer customized corporate training courses.


We offer real time hands-on projects for each course based on real time scenarios which helps the learner to get maximum real time knowledge.


Our Online course module is real time training program which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. The real time interactive session with trainer helps the student to get the classroom learning experience.



By intrinsic study of talent requirements for the current (4G-LTE, LTE-A/5G -NR) and future (5G and beyond) wireless technical evolutions by semiconductor organizations and research institutes, and for the need of critical capabilities in their research and development (R&D) ventures, we have designed wireless technology course modules to bring more talents into the industry. The vision and mission bring finest brains into the sector of wireless/mobile technology by scaling up wireless/mobile technology enthusiasts by offering excellent and effective quality of learning sessions through our courses and customized modules.



The program schedule is to achieve the following objective:


  1. Understand the concept of wireless technology (5G/4G/3G/2G) right from its evolution to get the clear and concise knowledge and fundamentals
  2. Help participants to understand the whole wireless system working model and end to end signalling, KPI monitoring, quality assurance test cycle and process
  3. Helps participants to upscale themselves for mobile testing/quality assurance job roles for telecom/wireless industries.
  4. Enable the participants to integrate their wireless knowledge and learning experiences in real time scenarios to appreciate the latest standards and 3GPP research specifications
  5. Help participants to evaluate their knowledge and examine their capabilities to enhance their knowledge
  6. Helps online participants through real time interactive sessions anytime anywhere



The participants for this program would as follow:


  1. Fresh Graduates
  2. Telecom test engineers, RF (Radio Frequency) engineers, Mobile/Wireless Field Trial Engineers
  3. Network Performance and monitoring engineers
  4. RAN (Radio Access Network) engineers
  5. CN (Core Network) Engineers



Courses Duration Inquiry
5G Technology 45 Hrs / 6 weeks Please contact for more details
5G/4G Technology 60 Hrs/ 8 weeks Please contact for more details
5G/4G/3G Technology 60 Hrs/ 8 weeks Please contact for more details
5G/4G Protocol Testing + Scripting 60 Hrs/ 8 weeks Please contact for more details
Mobile Application Testing + scripting 45 Hrs / 6 weeks Please contact for more details
Customized courses Based on requirement Please contact for more details
Note: For more details, kindly contact institute.



Each course module is associated with live projects. The project will be allocated at the end of the the course. The project involves 5G/4G/3G Protocol feature tests, 5G/4G/3G Protocol functionality tests, 5G/4G/3G Regression / Automation tests, 5G/4G/3G Mobile application tests, 5G/4G/3G Field trials, IRAT Tests, Carrier approval tests etc. All the project involves monitoring of each event of protocol signalling and understanding the compliance/significance with global standards/3GPP specification & research standards. Kindly contact for more details.




Certificate of completion will be offered to candidate with grade mechanism.


Mobile Testing Training in Marathahalli FAQ

Q: What is mobile testing?

A: Mobile testing is the process of testing mobile applications to ensure their functionality, usability, performance, and security on various mobile devices. It involves testing the app's features, user interface, compatibility, and behavior under different network conditions.

Q: What topics are covered in the mobile testing training in Marathahalli at KRN Informatix ?

A: The mobile testing training in Marathahalli at KRN Informatix covers a range of topics. It includes mobile testing concepts, mobile testing tools (such as Appium and Selenium WebDriver for mobile), mobile app test automation, testing on different platforms (iOS and Android), handling mobile-specific challenges, and mobile security testing.

Q: What is the duration of the mobile testing training in Marathahalli at KRN Informatix ?

A: The duration of the mobile testing training in Marathahalli at KRN Informatix may vary depending on the specific batch and schedule. Typically, the course duration can range from 4 to 6 weeks, with classes held on weekdays or weekends.

Q: Do I need any prior knowledge or experience in mobile testing for this training?

A: No prior knowledge or experience in mobile testing is required for this training. However, having a basic understanding of software testing concepts would be beneficial. Familiarity with programming languages like Java or Python can also be helpful for mobile test automation.

Q: Is the mobile testing training in Marathahalli at KRN Informatix hands-on?

A: Yes, the mobile testing training in Marathahalli at KRN Informatix includes hands-on exercises and practical sessions. You will get the opportunity to work on real mobile testing projects and gain hands-on experience using mobile testing tools and frameworks.

Q: Does KRN Informatix provide placement assistance for mobile testing training in Marathahalli?

A: Yes, KRN Informatix provides placement assistance to its students who successfully complete the mobile testing training. They may offer guidance in resume building, interview preparation, and connecting students with job opportunities in the industry. However, job placement is ultimately based on your skills and performance in interviews.