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One of the essential steps in software development is the conduct of tests. These, conducted as the development progresses, are generally very time-consuming and as the developments progress, the more the application grows, the more the tests become heavy. Why? Simply because it is necessary to test the new components while ensuring that they have not altered the functioning of those who have already been checked.  The Automation Testing Training in BTM has two virtues: on the one hand, it saves time, therefore money and on the other hand.

In this Selenium Automation Training course will introduce you to the essential principles to design and maintain Selenium automated test will be able to interpret the results of your tests and integrate them into a continuous integration chain. The Objectives of the Selenium Training includes in which to understand the architecture of the open source Automation Training platform. Then to take control of open source test related to the Selenium Training methods. The methods are used to learn the automated test suites with Selenium IDE tool and interface Selenium with other test tools.