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Who we are:

KRN INFORMATIX provides comprehensive training for software testers. Young people looking to start successful careers in the expanding IT sector will find this institute to be an excellent resource for Software Training in Bangalore. We not only instruct but also aid our students in finding employment with some of the largest corporations in the globe. KRN INFORMATIX has a 100% placement rate for its trainees in IT roles at major multinational companies. This is conclusive evidence that KRN INFORMATIX's approach to education is cutting edge. Through our Real Time training, we have assisted Fresher's, Software Engineers, Working Professionals, Business Leaders, Corporate Companies, and Individuals in assimilating the Knowledge into their Minds.

Training in automation testing is essential not just to minimize the time and money spent on manual testing, but also to improve test coverage, ensure consistency in results, and streamline the testing process as a whole. There has been a rise in the need for skilled testers with expertise in automation due to the widespread adoption of Automation Testing Training in Bangalore.

Within the Automation Testing Coursework, Java syntax and data structures are reviewed in preparation for developing automatic tests and integrating them into a Java Selenium testing framework. By dissecting Selenium web driver's primary features and investigating how it interacts with websites, students may master the tool.

Our Vision

Our Vision Our primary goal is to achieve exponential growth while maintaining a strong emphasis on providing high-quality products and services, expanding our operations to key locations in the information technology sector in order to garner widespread recognition as one of the most capable entities operating in the software industry, and working towards becoming a publicly traded business that is listed on major exchanges.

Our Mission

To support industry by offering skilled people resources and to give excellent Software Testing Training with Live Projects as part of our mission statement.

What we do

We believe your search for the perfect career or skill ends at KRN INFORMATIX, where talent meets opportunity. Most importantly, our approach is practical and tailored to our clients. Humans from diverse species may perform miracles, which we call technology. KRN INFORMATIX is the premier technology-oriented company for Selenium Training in Bangalore. Our institute believes that “The one who has everything is going to be in a position that the ending awaits for him ordinarily called LUCK. We're here to fill the gap between economic necessities and what our institute provides. Participants in the Selenium Testing course learn to use the web Driver and IDE to control web applications in several browsers automatically. Using scripts in languages like Java, C#, Python, and Ruby, bound operations can be compared against predicted results.

Selenium is the most popular and powerful open-source web application testing tool. Software Training in Bangalore provides a simple yet strong framework for testing scripts. Web automation jobs are in demand as cloud applications grow. Selenium Webdriver supports the most popular web automation tool.

We have often heard about the trend setters and trend followers. To give a better example, KRN INFORMATIX is one of the trend setters in Selenium Training or generally the Automation testing. Selenium is one of the most widely used automation test tool in the industries currently, which is a sole reason for the job aspirants to take up the Software Training in Bangalore for the same.

May it be experienced or a fresher, technical or non technical, IT is for everyone if the candidates are well trained and skilled. Then why think twice right?

The ultimate goal of any training is the placement. What is a training institution without the placements or doesn’t fetch the job that candidates are looking for? KRN Informatix ensures the better placement opportunities for all its students right from a start up to MNCs. In addition, the trainers taking up the training for Selenium have industrial/corporate exposure which is even better for the students to know and learn about every updated version of the technology and also creates the awareness in the changes that happen in the industries.

Java is one of the oldest and most flexible programming language and more softwares across the world are running on Java that is why the technology industries are looking forward for the skilled candidates in Java. At KRN INFORMATIX, we not only train our candidates on Selenium but also on Java.

Often people think about the background or if it is very necessary to know about the programming language before taking up the Software Training in Bangalore. The trainers will make sure that you have understood the concepts of Java, before going to Selenium. Java is a basic language for Selenium, so you will be trained on Java followed by Selenium. We will help you to gain all the knowledge required. Many institutions haven't started the training on Selenium yet, that's again one of the reasons for you to choose this Best Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore.

So, if you are looking for a better training institution for Java Selenium training in Bangalore, KRN INFORMATIX institution is the destination and stop hunting for more. Experience the quality training in Java Selenium training in Bangalore and grab those dream jobs.